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About Kordovan Homes

Kordovan Homes was established by Ivan Bazdaric over 30 years ago. His goal was to create a building company founded on honesty, hard work and high quality workmanship. This tradition is continued today by Michael Sincek, who joined Kordovan Homes in 2001, and worked closely with Ivan before taking the helm in 2009. Due to their hard work and ongoing commitment over the years, a "Kordovan" home has earned a reputation as a superior product in the industry. One that is to be aspired to and admired.

At Kordovan Homes we strive to provide superior customer service. We want the experience of building with Kordovan Homes to be positive and stress free, and to leave the client with not only a beautiful home, but happy memories.

As such, the company maintains a small operational team, which remains highly involved in all processes of the planning and building process. In fact Michael and our qualified on-site team perform much of the construction work themselves, whilst also closely supervising all other trade sub-contractors required on site.

In the office, all queries are capably handled by Kristina Sincek, who is readily available to assist in providing any information required to make the building process run smoothly.

We strive to maintain close customer relations at all times, with open communication and flexibility throughout the building process. This combined with our strong focus on quality and a hands on approach to building is the key to creating a "Kordovan" home. A home of distinction and enviable quality, with a satisfied and content owner.